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Just need to love Him

I have been struggling with something recently. I have been struggling to discern if God doesnt answer yes to a prayer, is it a “no now” or a “no forever” answer?  I do understand that it is not something that I should be overly concerned with since God wants us to focus on the now rather then the later.  So, if I will stop complaining, I could just simply take his no for what it is…a no.

But I’ve been struggling with how God could say no to something that was bringing me so much spiritual growth (please, try to stay with my ambiguity).  Ah, but it is not my place to really decide what is best for me.  That has been hard to understand as well..

When God called us to himself.  When God called us to be his disciples he called every  part of us Continue reading


The Color of my Demons by me

My demons sit and whisper and ponder of ways to strip away beauty. To bind me in chains and throw me into the abyss. That is their plot.

The colorful spectrum of beauty that shines from Gods glory is stripped away to shades of grey.

Grey as my surroundings in night. As the Son leaves, so does color. Yes, Son as in my Jesus, and yes, sun as in that which warms our earth, both one in concept and purpose-to bring light and understanding, and without, darkness and shades of grey. The color of my demons. Continue reading