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“That thing was on my neck?!”

So, I have a random story that I must share…

Last night I woke up around 3:55. The reason being that I felt something on my neck and being awake enough to know what I was doing yet more out of necessity, I went to brush it away (thinking it was some of my hair tickling my neck). Well…my fingers touched something very tangible and I knew it wasn’t my hair and I instantly reacted.  I grabbed whatever it was and threw it towards my wall on the side of my bed and jumped up and turned on the light. I was wide awake. I have a pile of blankets and pillows next to my bed on the floor and against the wall. I thought it was a moth that was on my neck and so I began looking for it. I was quite cautious though because I wasn’t sure. Slowly I began lifting blankets and shaking them out gently (without unfolding them..) There was one particular blanket that was next to the pile and I turned it over just to find what I didn’t want to find…a spider. I grabbed a shoe and killed it. It didnt scurry away or anything, but it was alive. I went through the process of taking that pile of blankets to the room next to mine onto the guest bed. I cleaned up the dead spider and then proceeded to clean my whole room (paranoia). I didn’t find any more spiders. *sigh* I was up till at least 4:30am.

I still want to doubt that that spider was on my neck, yet when I uncovered it from under the blanket, it didn’t run away like a normal spider. It was stunned, and so I think my throwing it against the wall kinda gave it a headache.

I have decided to include a picture of the type of spider that it was. So if you are curious, click HERE (NOTE: viewer discretion is advised)

My apologies to all you ladies who I made squirm in their seats, but I couldn’t bear take the weight of this on my own shoulders….I need sympathy 😉