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How do you know you are saved?

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So what’s the story about God and Jesus?

“So Kristy, tell me the story of God and being a Christian.”

God created the human race as perfect beings to begin with. Adam and Eve lived in Eden, which was a paradise. They had a blessed and complete relationship with God and lived in total peace without any worries because every need of theirs was provided for.

But one day in the garden a serpent came along and started talking to Eve. He instilled doubt in her heart and led her to believe that life would be much greater if she did as the serpent suggested, which was to eat the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. This of course, would be disobeying God’s only command. The snake led Eve to believe that she could do things on her own and it would bring her much greater happiness. (It has always been Satan’s tactic to instil in our hearts the lie “But did God really mean that?”) Continue reading