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Just Write on a Whim

I do understand that I am not an avid writer. I don’t write near as much as I truly desire to. Recently I’ve been reading alot of blogger’s sites and have so neglected my own. I have looked around and seen more styles of writing and I think I want to open up my horizons a bit farther. I want to work on my writing skills. I realize that when I write I’m just very blan and straight forward. I don’t often do many play on words or come up with crafty words to use. I want to really work on this. I just want to write about my life and what God is doing or just the things that I am dealing with.

So often I feel like I have to hold a certain persona when I blog. I feel like so many people look up to me here (yet I highly doubt I have very many regular readers at all…I can think of…2 people who might regularly – like maybe once a week – check out my blog to see if I’ve written anything. [Note: if you are a lurker reader then you really should speak up!])

I wrote a post a while back (like a month…ha!) that I was going to start a blog series on love. Alot has happened in a month and I have decided to prolong that series because I truly don’t know if I could do the topic justice. When I think about blogging, it always goes through my mind “Kristy, you have people waiting for these blogs – they want to hear about love”  but then I think about the topic so much and want it to be so perfect that the blog never gets written. It will never be perfect enough. So I really dont think that planning blog series is my style. I do believe I write on a whim.

I’ve been regularly reading Kate’s Blog and have been so inspired and have experienced so much growth in my walk. By that, I mean that she will touch your heart strings. She will relieve tension when you need it by talking about her wonderful little boy. I’m sure Kate could write a weekly comic strip about her son – pictures and all. Her honesty has gotten me thinking alot about my own life and relationships and makes me want to be prepared for life as best as I can.

Now On With More Randomness

I have a question out there for ladies…

I consider myself a pretty happy person. I am fairly outgoing and rather goofy at times. I like to have fun but I like a balance. I just consider myself relatively upbeat and cheery. There are times though where I can be getting to thinking about something so deeply that I honestly think I’ve become someone else entirely. I feel apathetic and just really deep. Sometimes I don’t even know where this comes from and I get confused. When I have a feeling about something…when I just know that it makes me uncomfortable, I might not always be able to adequately explain why. I will just stew over it too. And I’ll just be in my own little world of confusion.

Now, do any other ladies deal with anything remotely similar to this? I understand I am probably being rather ambiguous and I apologize. I am directing it more at women because it seems like it is greatly tied to a woman’s thought process. My boyfriend thinks about things much differently than I do, but I guess that’s the beauty of relationships right? to balance one another?

Ah. Anywho. I will leave you all with this. This post is really…not much, but it’s a start. Feel free to comment. I’d greatly appreciate it. May God bless you!