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Homosexual Unions and Proposition 8

Well, you wont be hearing mainly from ME today about this, but a fellow blogger named Laura. She wrote a thought provoking post in which I read and it made alot of sense to me. I believe she has alot of truth to what she says. The jist of it is that before we Christians start forcing the State to abide by our faith’s rules and regulations regarding marriage, we should focus on those within the Church first. We have enough problems within the church and it’s precisely the church that the world judges Christ by. The divorce rate for Christians is the same as for non-Christians. This should raise our concerns. Christians don’t even know what “sanctity in marriage” really is, by the looks of it, and so who are we to try to show the State how they should do marriage?

Anywho. If you didn’t catch the link above to her site, here it is again.  Please go to her site and read it and leave a comment if you can. If you have any thoughts, let me know.

I still have alot of thinking I need to do about this issue, and it’s all very controversial as it is (and that’s the type of stuff I try to stay away from, whereas there are much more courageous bloggers who tackle this stuff). Hope you enjoy!



How do you know you are saved?

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