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I now introduce you to the loves of my life…

Before jumping into the “Love” blog series, I wanted to post some pictures that you all might enjoy.

Here is my puppy, Molly. She is a newer addition to the family. We lost our old Siberian Husky, Ciera, a while back and Molly serves as a good playmate for our other dog, Gracie.

Here is Molly again. She is a funny looking dog when she is running, but she sure is photogeneic!

Gracie was rather standoffish because I brushed her that day. She really didn’t like it, but she sure did look pretty!

Molly, aka – Tasmanian Devil. She looks so cute but she is a monster. Ha! She has cute little beady eyes though that are rather adorable.

She even has quite the talent for personification of famous actors. Here she is the “Flying Nun”.


Well, that is my puppies. I will have more pictures out of Gracie soon enough. Hope you enjoyed!




Hello. I recently received a camera that is beyond my wildest dreams. Ha! It’s a Canon EOS 40D. Amazing. I haven’t done too many amazing peices but I’ve played around. Ha. The pictures are only good cuz of the camera. Ha. Hope you enjoy!

This is Tiger!

Monochrome Tiger!

High Contrast Tiger

Sharp Contrast Tiger!

A very happy Tiger.

Well, those are a few photos of Tiger. Tiger is not my cat though.
(I am very much a dog person and soon you will get to see pictures of my beloved doggies.)

May you be blessed today!

♥ Kristy


Here are a couple of pictures of a horse I drew. I hope you enjoy them, and always remember that comments (even constructive criticism) are welcomed!

Update: This particular post is my most popular post as far as traffic goes. I’ve had over150 hits on this one alone. So I KNOW people are reading…feel free to comment and check out the rest of the site if ya haven’t yet! *grin*

Here is a picture of the full-body horse. Pardon the yellow tint to it due to lighting.

Here is a close-up picture of the head of the horse!

Thank you for viewing!

♥ Kristy