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Down Again

Imagine you are going to run a marathon. You hear about it months before the event and you decide firmly that you will run in it, but you realize you have a ways to go to be in shape and ready for it. So you began practicing for it everyday by running a few miles. As each day of training passes, you get better and better and you run for longer distances. You run through rain, and you run through mud puddles. You run when it is 98 degrees outside and you run when it is humid. You run in the early morning when you would have rather slept. You do everything in your power to be prepared for this big marathon. You read the rule books and the know the statistical averages and you go above and beyond to be above the average runner.

Now the day finally comes. You wake up and have an awesome breakfast and have orange juice (I heard that it boosts energy? who knows…it could just be hearsay) and get to the location that the marathon is to start at. You are extremely anxious and excited. You give your coach a thumbs up and you and the other runners line up at the starting line and the guy starts counting down…

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