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The Unsuspecting Stalker

So I went on a photography shoot a while back on August 29th, 2008. It was a nice Friday afternoon and I decided to see what amazing shots I could get on ma “comra” (say it phonetically now!) Now, with any of my posts which include photography, I would be very very thankful for any constructive criticism that anyone with an opinion may give. I am an amatuer and I’m still learning so I will take whatever help I can get! Thanks! I went over to the park next to the campus and found some new Friends. They didn’t run away from me like some other friends try to do. They listened to me and cared about me…at least for a little while.

This is my little Bee Friend that I found. I was trying so hard to zoom in and find the little bees and there were so many that you’d think that it would BEE easy to take some pictures, but those little buggers don’t fly still. Dey BEE a Buzzin all over da place!

After stalking some bees for a while with my zoom lens, I traveled on down the path until I came to a creek. I looked up into the trees and found a little man in his home. What a sight to be seen! How strange it was! He looked comfy indeed. I wonder what thoughts goes through his head as he rests with his head poking out of his wittle home.

The little man surely has some beautiful scenery. I played around with the settings on my camera that I do not yet fully understand. I really like the look of the water and the shiny stick and rocks in this. The water is all flowing but the objects are clear and crisp!

After hanging around the creek I walked along the path along the river once more and crossed the Friendship Bridge to Julia Davis Park. There I found my Geese Friend. I know that he is one goose, but he is still my Geese Friend. There were two geeses. The other is my Goose Friend.

And this is my Goose Friend.

This is Duck Friend. Duck Friend didn’t realize he still had a feather on his beak. I’m rather fond of this picture and it might be the best out of all I took. I love how the reflection of the sky has turned the water blue instead of green like in other pictures.

This is Duck Friend’s Girl Friend. She is very gorgeous if I should say so myself. These two love birds (wocka wocka wocka) followed each other around the pond and it was rather adorable. I wonder what sweet nothings he quacks into her ear.

This little guy was “caught in the act”. You see…if I can get any animal successfully in an action shot I am very pleased with myself. The colors in this one just seemed right and so I do enjoy it quite much…yes…quite much.

These are the witnesses to my stalking. MINE! MINE! MINE! MINE! MINE!…I tried that when I was with them and they didn’t think I was at all humerous. I don’t know why…Finding Nemo gave these guys their 5 minutes (in my humble opinion, much longer) of fame. Gees.

Then I got shunned…so I went home.

Well, yall! Thanks for coming on this adventure with me taday!

God bless!



I now introduce you to the loves of my life…

Before jumping into the “Love” blog series, I wanted to post some pictures that you all might enjoy.

Here is my puppy, Molly. She is a newer addition to the family. We lost our old Siberian Husky, Ciera, a while back and Molly serves as a good playmate for our other dog, Gracie.

Here is Molly again. She is a funny looking dog when she is running, but she sure is photogeneic!

Gracie was rather standoffish because I brushed her that day. She really didn’t like it, but she sure did look pretty!

Molly, aka – Tasmanian Devil. She looks so cute but she is a monster. Ha! She has cute little beady eyes though that are rather adorable.

She even has quite the talent for personification of famous actors. Here she is the “Flying Nun”.


Well, that is my puppies. I will have more pictures out of Gracie soon enough. Hope you enjoyed!



Hello. I recently received a camera that is beyond my wildest dreams. Ha! It’s a Canon EOS 40D. Amazing. I haven’t done too many amazing peices but I’ve played around. Ha. The pictures are only good cuz of the camera. Ha. Hope you enjoy!

This is Tiger!

Monochrome Tiger!

High Contrast Tiger

Sharp Contrast Tiger!

A very happy Tiger.

Well, those are a few photos of Tiger. Tiger is not my cat though.
(I am very much a dog person and soon you will get to see pictures of my beloved doggies.)

May you be blessed today!

♥ Kristy

My First Gallery Post!

Welcome to my Gallery!!!

Hello! Thank you for stopping by my gallery.
I have recently been given a Canon EOS 40D SLR Camera and am venturing out into the world of photography! I will be posting pictures that I’ve taken with my camera, and will also post pictures of artwork that I’ve done.  I delight in my God-given talent, but I recognize that I could be much better and glorify God more with it, so that is my goal with posting it here. Feel free to offer constructive criticism on anything I post. Seriously! I’m not afraid. I’d rather get better with the help of you rather than stay the same or get worse because no one spoke up! Ha.
May God bless you today!