Letters from a Skeptic

by Dr. Gregory A. Boyd & Edward K. Boyd

“Dear Greg:I find your idea of dialoguing about the subject of Christianity very interesting, and I’d be happy to do it. I’ve gotenough time on my hands…You invited me to raise whatever objections come to mind, so I’ll jump right in. Here’s one I’ve wondered about a lot: how could an all-powerful and all-loving God allow the church to do so much harm to humanity for so long? Isn’t this supposed to be His tru church, His representation on earth? …To my mind, this is quite enough to prove that the church does not possess any true philosophy…Well, you wanted an objection; you’ve got one. I look forward to your response…

Love always,

In Letters from a Skeptic Dr. Gregory Boyd and his father Edward Boyd “debate” many other objections to Christianity, the church, and the Bible.

◊Why is the world so fully of suffering?
◊Does God know the future?
◊How can you believe that a man rose from the dead?
◊Why do you think the Bible is inspired?
◊Do all non-Christians go to hell?
◊How can I be holy and sinful at the same time?

Greg Boyd initiated this correspondence with his father in the hope that his father would eventually come to know Christ. After three years, 30 letters, and numerous phone calls, Edward K. Boyd did just that.

Letters from a Skeptic will help you wrestle with the rational foundation of your own faith. It will also help you know how to share that faith with the skeptics you love.


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