A Ready Defense

by Josh McDowell

The book that helps you understand and defend your Christian beliefs like no other resource!

Today more than ever, Christians need to be prepared to defend their faith. With an estimated 25 million participants in the New Age Movement and the rise of new cults, Christians find their beliefs challenged on all sides – from doubts cast on the Bible’s accuracy to the denial of Jesus’ existance.

Josh McDowell is recognized as one of America’s leading defenders of the faith. Now you can have the best of his research in one easy-reference volume. Inside you’ll find the information you need on dozens of subjects in these categories:

◊ The Bible and Its Reliability
◊ Answering the Bible’s Critics
◊ Jesus – His Humanity and Deity
◊ Christianity Versus Other Religions
◊ Questions Most Asked About Christianity
◊ The Uniqueness of the Christian Experience

You’ll also find amazing evidence on archeology, miracles, the resurrection of Jesus, creation, demons…and much more! Included is Josh’s own story of how he as a confirmed skeptic came to believe in the Christ whose existence he had challenged.

Whether you’re a student, a scholar, or someone simply looking for answers, this book will help you know why you believe.


Kristy’s Comments:

This is a book you will pick up and flip through time and time again. Josh provides excellent evidences for Christianity and I especially like the archeological evidence he illuminates. It covers such a broad range of topics and is super useful for the Christian, and very informative for the skeptic, just as the book claims.


One response to “A Ready Defense

  • Kyle

    If you liked “A Ready Defense” and want another great apologetics book, I would highly recommend, “Can Man Live Without God”, “Jesus Among Other Gods”, and “Reasonable Faith”. None of these are reference books like “ARD” and none are the types of books you can read right before bed. But, each really has some great points. Just thought you would be interested. Great Blog! Have a blessed day!

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