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I love books and I love to read! On this page you will get to know a bit about what I have a taste for, and the list is constantly being updated.

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Also, all of the information on the books! pages are taken from the back of the book. If I have included any personal comments, they will be noted so as to not mislead you πŸ™‚ )

To start out with I will say a bit about the greatest book there is. The Bible. Again, a reminder – all of the other books can be attained in the sidebar on the right under “Pages”.

The Holy Bible

This is by far the most essential book to the life of..well, everyone! It is our daily bread, as Christians, and I have found that it is an essential source of power that rejuvenates and brings to life any thirsty and longing spirit. Even being one of the most vital tools essential to Christians, I have also found that it is very much neglected. God is our source of life and when we neglect what he’s given us we can often find ourselves suffering from spiritual anorexia.

Take advantage of what God’s given you!

Josh McDowell makes some interesting observations on the Bible that should impress any Christian and non-Christian alike. The Bible is unique. The following will be quoted from Josh McDowell’s book “A Ready Defense”:

Here’s a book…

  1. written over a 1,500 year span;
  2. written over 40 generations;
  3. written by more than 40 authors, from every walk of life – including kings, peasants, philosophers, fisherman, poets statesmen, scholars, etc.;
    β—Š Moses, a political leader, trained in the universities of Egypt
    β—Š Peter, a fisherman
    β—Š Amos, a herdsman
    β—Š Joshua, a military general
    β—Š Nehemiah, a cupbearer
    β—Š Daniel, a prime minister
    β—Š Luke, a doctor
    β—Š Solomon, a king
    β—Š Matthew, a tax collector
    β—Š Paul, a rabbi
  4. written in different places:
    β—Š Moses in the wilderness
    β—Š Jeremiah in a dungeon
    β—Š Daniel on a hillside and in a palace
    β—Š Paul inside prison walls
    β—Š Luke while traveling
    β—Š John on the isle of Patmos
    β—Š others in the rigors of a military campaign
  5. written at different times:
    β—Š David in times of war
    β—Š Solomon in times of peace
  6. written during different moods
    β—Š some writing from the heights of joy and others from the depths of sorrow and despair
  7. written on three cotinents:
    β—Š Asia, Africa, and Europe
  8. written in three languages:
    β—Š Hebrew, the language of the Old Testament (in 2 Kings 18:26-28 called “the language of Judah,” in Isaiah 19:18 called “the language of Canaan”).
    β—Š Aramaic, the “common language” of the Near East until the time of Alexander the Great (6th century B.C. – 4th century B.C.)
    β—Š Greek, the New Testament language (the international language at the time of Christ).
  9. Finally, its subject matter includes hundreds of controversial topics. Yet, the biblical authors spoke with harmony and continuity from Genesis to Revelation. There is one unfolding story: “God’s redemption of man.”

(McDowell, Josh. A Ready Defense. Nashville: Thomas Nelson, 1993.)

That is just a glimpse of why the Bible is so unique. It truly is one of a kind. No matter how many times people try to destroy it, it cannot destroyed because it is the Living Word! Praise God!

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Thankyou once again!



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