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The LORD is God and because of this incredible fact I am a woman seeking after God’s own heart. It is my desire to please my LORD all the days of my life and to become a woman that is an encouragement for others whom I come to meet along my walk with my Jesus. My prayer is that those of you who are Christians who stop by will be drawn closer to the heart of God, and those who don’t have a realtionship with God will gather a better understanding of who God is and what has Christians so in love with Him. I welcome everyone here, whether you are a born-again God-loving Christian, or someone who is unsure of all of this Christian stuff.

My husband, who has influenced me in such monumental ways, once said while we were still friends, “Learn from me, learn from you, all from God”. Learn from me as I share what God has placed on my heart with something out of His Word, or what He speaks directly to my heart. Allow me to learn from you through your involvement and input and advice and words from your own heart. Let us all learn from God through all of this community-ness πŸ™‚ I hope you are able to glean some insight into God through what I share. I will also share some of my talents (photography, art) and maybe throw in some weird crazy stories once in a while.

A Bit About Me!

I am a Christian. I am a wife. I am a mom. I strive to discover how God wants me to fill these roles in my life that best reflect Him. I’m growing and falling, running and crawling. The Christian life is a struggle toward godliness and purity and it is the most rewarding journey I know.

What I love

I love many things:

β—Š God

β—Š My husband, Danny, who the Lord brought into my life.

β—Š My son, Samuel, who is the most amazing refining tool God has ever placed in my life to make me more like Him! I am in awe of God and the love I feel for my son, but I am constantly challenged and faced with my own faults and failures as I drive on this road of Parenthood.

β—Š Unnamed Baby Boy in my belly! He is squirmy and….squirmy. And I love him.

β—Š Reading – I have a book page to check out!

β—Š Photography – I received a nice camera during the Christmas of 2007 and am still trying to figure it out! Ha. I post pictures from time to time.

β—Š My dogs – I have a border collie mix named Gracie, a blue healer/lab mix named Molly, and a cute border collie/terrier (in my opinion) mix named Rose. Gracie is the most cuddly and loveable dog you could ever come by. Molly is a terror. I love her though! She tries the family’s patience by chewing up stuff (she is fond of paper). Rose (picture coming soon) is the newest addition and I got her from a friend I played Ultimate Frisbee with. She is cute and small and is Molly’s best friend now. I used to have a Siberian Husky named Ciera but back last spring we had to put her down because she was just so old and had such a hard time moving around. She was the best dog ever. I have since moved away from my 3 loves but I do think about them all the time, because they truly are part of the family and hold a special place in my heart *tear*.
UPDATE: those afore mentioned dogs are really my parents dogs…ha. My own dog is a wonderful mutt named Mr. P who has captured my heart like no other! I love dogs!

β—Š Holding my hands under warm water when I am cold.

β—Š Writing letters

β—Š Godly women (especially mothers)

β—Š Artwork – especially paintings. I love paintings. I used to be really into art (I say “used” to because I haven’t really done art in a very long time). I paint with Oil paints and although I wasn’t the best, I have a talent that I hope someday I can bless others with.

β—Š My brother – He is an Army veteran who now is going to school for graphic design and programming…I think. He is super smart and funny. He lives in Arizona.

β—Š My parents – They are such amazing parents to me. They are great providers and my mom is someone I can always whine to. My dad has taught me many great lessons of life. I have never ever doubted their love for me.

β—Š Danny – He is my amazing “sweet man” and God has used him in such huge ways in my life to draw me closer into His loving arms. I am very excited to be Danny’s wife and I know that God is going to teach me quite alot in our life together. To God be the glory! (by the way, is that not a face to fall in love with?)


Thanks Again.

It means alot to me to have people read and participate. I love the community and the insight from all sorts of people from all walks of life. Thanks again for all for stopping by and the site will be updated with new stuff all the time. Please feel free to comment!

Contact Info

If you have any comments, questions, thoughts, ideas, concerns, etc, you may comment here or you may email me at:


God bless you all!



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