Hopefully soon?

I got on WordPress with the intention of writing something about how I can’t wait for my baby to meet the family and I can start writing about mommyhood, but before beginning, I thought I’d check up on a favorite fellow blogger and got so involved in my comment to a post that now I’m burnt out. I haven’t blogged at all in so long that I gotta ween back into it, I suppose. Maybe it’s this baby inside me making me tired all the time. Ha. Ok, bad excuse. Anywho. I’ll think up of something wonderful to write about and try to get it on here in the next year or so (haha).

Love you, invisible readers.

♥ Kristy


About Kristy

There's not much to say about me except that I'm a mom, wife, learner, and...very human. I stumble all over the place. I am bathed in the grace of God, and I love community. But also need quiet down time to decompress. Down time is hard to come by with Preschoolers. I'm also a Photographer serving Franklin County and Surrounding areas of Southern Illinois. You can see my page at www.capturemekristy.wordpress.com Thanks for stopping by! -Kristy View all posts by Kristy

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