Just Married!!!!

Danny, Me, Joshua Sullivan

It has been a very long time since I have updated my site. Much has gone on and I hardly know where to start to fill in all the events that has transpired. I suppose it’s fair to mention now that I am married and living in Illinois with my husband. It is still strange to think that I am now married and have begun a completely new chapter of my life. I went from being in a long distance relationship where I was in Idaho and he was in Illinois to being married and moving here with him, leaving my home, family, friends, doggies, and Idaho life. I thought I would have had a hard time adjusting to the new change. Sometimes I am afraid of change and there is a fear of the Unknown but God has given me so much comfort and peace and I am truly grateful for his providing for all of my needs.

On July 23 Danny flew to Idaho with Pastor Joshua Sullivan who was going to marry us. Danny’s mother, her sister and brother-in-law all drove up from Illinois to come to the wedding. His family and my family went to dinner and had a grand ol time and then Danny and I left with the pastor for some premarital counseling. We had to get it in and that was our only option so we spent quite a long time that night talking. The next evening we had a BBQ at my house with friends and family to serve as the rehearsal dinner yet the rehearsal was the day of the wedding.

The morning of July 25 was beautiful and the rehearsal went rather nicely. My girls and I left to go to my hair appointment and to get our stuff together to bring back to the Historic Shelton to get ready for the big event. It was such a splendid time to spend with my bridesmaids. I love my girls so much. 3 were from Boise and my Maid of Honor was a friend from Idaho Falls. Right when the ceremony begun the wind kicked up. Did I mention my wedding was outside? Well, it was much to late to make any changes so we went through with the ceremony in the wind. We all stayed rather comical about it and had a great time. I had to remove my veil though because it kept getting in my face (it wasn’t suppose to, you see…I didn’t have a blusher). The Pastor was simply marvelous and did an amazing job. We’ve had many compliments about it being one of the best weddings attended. It was fun. We couldn’t light the Unity Candle because the wind blew it out. I’ll try to get pictures up as soon as I can.

Anywho, Danny and I drove back across the United States to Illinois to begin our life here. We lived with his parents for a couple weeks because of a gas leak in our house that needed fixing. That was finally taken care of and we moved in and then my parents came last Tuesday to move all my furniture and belongings. My dad was a handy man all around the house and fixed things and I’m so grateful for it all. It probably saved Danny alot of time in maintenance.

Danny is just so dear and sweet to me. My parents left early today and last night I was upset at their parting and was silently crying with my back turned to him. He noticed and in the dark turned me over and wiped my tear away and just held me close, saying not a word. That brought me more comfort than any amount of words could bring. This morning as we were bidding them farewell I teared up and started crying as they drove off and then went in and laid on my bed and Danny laid next to me and told me to just let it out and so I cried again and he just held me close stroking my hair. I know that God is working and living through Danny to bring me so much comfort and peace and I love how the Lord has been so evident around us. His presence is strong and Danny and I are getting settled in as a newly married couple.

To everyone back home who might stumble upon this, thankyou so much for all your love you’ve shown me. Everyone has been so good to me and I hope to use this site more and more to allow my friends and family from back in Idaho to know what has been going on in my life. Danny and I are without internet so I have to come over to his parents house 6 miles away to check my email.

Better and more creative writing is on it’s way I hope, so please check back periodically.

God bless!


My daddy and I - a favorite picture


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