Where have I been?!

Hello all! Life has been really quite busy and I have finally gotten some relaxation. This post is going to be somewhat random. It shall start off with what I’ve been doing for the past 2 weeks, and then go on to talking about a potential future home for Danny and I.

Well, I started my new job on October 20th at Forever 21. The store didn’t open until the 24th though. When I got there on the 20th at 6pm I walked into a huge store that was completely empty except for all the other employed bodies. We had a few semi-truck loads of stuff to bring into the store. First it was all of the racks and stands and manicans (lots of these! …and they are in weird positions too..eh) and many MANY boxes of merchandise. We set the store up and then began opening the boxes. This was the first time I’ve ever seen Forever 21 clothing apart from quickly browsing through their website once. Interesting stuff! I worked the 21st, 22nd, and opening day – Friday the 24th. I also worked that Saturday and Sunday. The next week (last week) I worked Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday (for 8 1/2 hours..that’s the most i’ve ever worked at once!) and then yesterday. Ha! Just CRAZY!

I’m liking the job. I’m a sales associate right now. It’s kinda tough though because we are understaffed and so it means that fewer of us have to do more work. Yesterday 5 girls called in sick. I’m pretty excited to get my first big pay check though. Ha!

I’ve been so very dependent on my parents for so long that to have a little independence before I get married will be good. I’m really set on saving money since marriage isn’t far off and I dont want to regret how I spent my money that I earned. We are looking at homes to buy (well, technically HE is looking at it since it is 1500 miles away from me). Danny and I have been looking into a particular house that is quite inexpensive and on lots of land. I know we are going to have some remodeling to do. I’m excited!  We’ll see how it goes, but it would be a great starter home. If it’s God’s will, and it becomes ours, I’ll let you know more about it.

On the topic of homeowning…I have a question to pose to all those silent readers out there. Since I am very new to this I truly have alot to learn. Any advice for looking for that first home? Any experiences you’d like to share? (I know some of you have SOMETHING you could offer *wink*)

That was just a quicky update. I have more to write but I shall devote that to its own entry! Yay!

God bless!



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There's not much to say about me except that I'm a mom, wife, learner, and...very human. I stumble all over the place. I am bathed in the grace of God, and I love community. But also need quiet down time to decompress. Down time is hard to come by with Preschoolers. I'm also a Photographer serving Franklin County and Surrounding areas of Southern Illinois. You can see my page at www.capturemekristy.wordpress.com Thanks for stopping by! -Kristy View all posts by Kristy

2 responses to “Where have I been?!

  • katemcdonald

    Kristy, I have MISSED you! glad to see you are back to blogging.

    First homes… stay within your budget! That’s the best advice I can offer. We bought at the high end of our budget and it meant a lot of stress. Marriage is stressful enough… buy on the low end so that you never sacrifice time together to work more to cover the bills.

  • Kristy

    The house we are looking at is going for $41,000 but can be lowered from between $30,000 – $35,000. That seems amazing to me! Plus its on about an acre of land. It’s like a once in a lifetime opportunity. I havent heard from him yet though about it.

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