“That thing was on my neck?!”

So, I have a random story that I must share…

Last night I woke up around 3:55. The reason being that I felt something on my neck and being awake enough to know what I was doing yet more out of necessity, I went to brush it away (thinking it was some of my hair tickling my neck). Well…my fingers touched something very tangible and I knew it wasn’t my hair and I instantly reacted.  I grabbed whatever it was and threw it towards my wall on the side of my bed and jumped up and turned on the light. I was wide awake. I have a pile of blankets and pillows next to my bed on the floor and against the wall. I thought it was a moth that was on my neck and so I began looking for it. I was quite cautious though because I wasn’t sure. Slowly I began lifting blankets and shaking them out gently (without unfolding them..) There was one particular blanket that was next to the pile and I turned it over just to find what I didn’t want to find…a spider. I grabbed a shoe and killed it. It didnt scurry away or anything, but it was alive. I went through the process of taking that pile of blankets to the room next to mine onto the guest bed. I cleaned up the dead spider and then proceeded to clean my whole room (paranoia). I didn’t find any more spiders. *sigh* I was up till at least 4:30am.

I still want to doubt that that spider was on my neck, yet when I uncovered it from under the blanket, it didn’t run away like a normal spider. It was stunned, and so I think my throwing it against the wall kinda gave it a headache.

I have decided to include a picture of the type of spider that it was. So if you are curious, click HERE (NOTE: viewer discretion is advised)

My apologies to all you ladies who I made squirm in their seats, but I couldn’t bear take the weight of this on my own shoulders….I need sympathy 😉



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There's not much to say about me except that I'm a mom, wife, learner, and...very human. I stumble all over the place. I am bathed in the grace of God, and I love community. But also need quiet down time to decompress. Down time is hard to come by with Preschoolers. I'm also a Photographer serving Franklin County and Surrounding areas of Southern Illinois. You can see my page at www.capturemekristy.wordpress.com Thanks for stopping by! -Kristy View all posts by Kristy

5 responses to ““That thing was on my neck?!”

  • Sharon

    AAAUGH!! Shame! That thing is so horrible! Good thing the lights were out before you picked it up, so that it wasn’t the first thing you saw. Ugh!! (can you tell I really dislike spiders?)

  • Lacy Rebekah

    Eeewww!! If it makes you feel any better, I had a spider crawl out of my hair the other day!!

  • Kristy

    Sharon – I am glad the lights were off too. I could have easily had a panic attack and started crying if I saw the thing.

    Lacy Rebekah – It is a very unpleasant feeling to know something like was on me and that I touched it with my bare hands *sigh*

  • Stephanie

    Hi Kristy! I came across your blog from the Kindred Spirit Network. That spider was hideous! Where are you from that you have such gruesome creatures? (Maybe the picture made him look bigger than he really was?)
    Well, I’ve enjoyed poking around your blog. God bless!

  • katemcdonald

    UGH. I hate spiders. I walked outside a few days ago and little tiny snake slithered over my foot and I nearly died. I have been dreaming about snakes ever since!

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