Well Hello!!! I am Kristy. It’s true! I’m currently 20 years old and am going for my degree in Stay-at-Home mom. I’m also getting an associates degree due to having begun school with no clear direction and realizing I’ve put myself (mostly my parents) in a place of financial obligation that demands that I have some sort of tangible reward for having wasted so much money. But, alas, it is not wasted because God places us where we are for a reason! Ha. May God be glorified as I get my associates!

Yay! Hey, another point about myself is I tend to get off on tangents and ramble, but I pray it all be for the glory of God! Ha. I do love my Jesus, and I do love discovering more and more how He has created men and women and I seek every day to understand more of what it means to be molded into a Biblical Christian Woman. Amen! I don’t boast to be a witty and crafty writer, but I do try to share my thoughts in such a way as to not bore and run off those who happen to stumble upon my little corner of the World Wide Web. Well, that’s a good start to knowing a smigit about me! Thanks for stoppin’ by!



About Kristy

There's not much to say about me except that I'm a mom, wife, learner, and...very human. I stumble all over the place. I am bathed in the grace of God, and I love community. But also need quiet down time to decompress. Down time is hard to come by with Preschoolers. I'm also a Photographer serving Franklin County and Surrounding areas of Southern Illinois. You can see my page at Thanks for stopping by! -Kristy View all posts by Kristy

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